Client Testimonials

Marlin Hunsicker, Marklesburg Fire Chief:

"We weren't looking to complete a stormwater project--that wasn't what we needed or wanted. What we didn't realize is that IS what we wanted and needed. The cistern and pervious pavement work great. Innovative thinking got us where we are today."


Mayor Alan Smith, Saxton Borough to the Broad Top Bulletin:

"Once again with Branden's professional knowledge and experience, the borough was able to obtain another grant that will allow it to not only upgrade its police motor force, but to utilize the other items applied for in the grant. We are very thankful for his assistance and diligence in wanting to support the community in which he lives."


Paul Bunker, Chief Financial Officer Hyndman Area Health Center:

"Earth Wise always performs. They have assisted us with procuring more than $750,000 in grants and loans. They are an exceptional value."


Ken Tewell, Owner Everett Hardwoods Business Park:

"Earth Wise Consulting has assisted me with being a better neighbor. They procured grant funds that helped me remove hazardous chemical, address blight, and are now assisting me with a redevelopment plan. They've even managed to obtain funds for stormwater upgrades. I can't say enough good things about them. Best of all, their services are very affordable."


John Dawes, Executive Director Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds:

"Branden S. Diehl is a pleasure to work with. He has a keen sense of how projects work, how to integrate project pieces, and is a master at knowing where the money is coming from--often times before even agency folks know. His assistance with the reauthorization of the Abandoned Mine Lands Fund illustrated his ability to compile information into easily understood maps, charts, and fact sheets."


Carl Michael, Everett Borough President:

"I'm not sure how they do it, but they perform. Their redevelopment assistance has helped address blight concerns, and provided hope for a more stable tax-base via redeveloping a Brownfields Site."


Steve Smith, M.S. Smith Farm:

"We tell everyone about Earth Wise Consulting. They take ideas and morph them into projects; making it look easy. Their ability to understand our particular dairy farm needs underscores their diversity. With their help we are overcoming industry and economic factors."


Tim Hinish, Six Mile Run Fire Department Chief:

"The Earth Wise Consulting approach is unique. They helped us understand that funds outside of emergency services should be pursued, and that those funds can assist us in being a better department. This is seen in our innovative stormwater project that will assist us with enhancing our fire suppression abilities, and lower our water consumption. They helped us to dream big, and in doing so we received a $2.2M ARRA grant for a new fire station. How could a rural fire department ever ask for more?"

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