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PA Department of Environmental Protection Trail Outreach

EWC recently completed work with the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation to develop, produce, and install informational signage on the Ghost Town Trail and Path of the Flood Trail. Pictures.


Fannett Metal School District:

EWC worked with the school district to obtain a $25,000 grant supporting installation of a new public address system in their elementary school. Additional grant requests are pending for safety and security upgrades.


Bedford Ambulance:

EWC worked with Bedford Ambulance to acquire funding for a facility lighting retrofit. The project utilized grant funding to acquire LED lighting. Installation costs were offset by energy efficiency rebates.


Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds (FPW):

EWC continues its consulting relationship with FPW. EWC manages FPW's grant procurement program, grant making program, and provides its grantees with project management assistance. Additionally, EWC is providing support for state and federal policy issues.


Conemaugh Initiative:

For More than six years, EWC has managed litigation settlement funds totaling $3.5M. This work involved providing small grants totaling $1M, and developing a comprehensive restoration strategy that will result in 35 miles of stream restoration. This project highlights EWC's project development, coordination, capacity building, partnering, and project management abilities. It is expected that this initiative will leverage $19M in state and federal funds, and restore 15 AMD-impacted stream miles. Preliminary designs are beginning and property acquistion is being finalized.



EWC is working with White House staff and client Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds to educate elected officials on the benefits of RECLAIM. EWC has produced technical documents, economic analyses, factsheets, and White Papers on the subject. This work resulted in pilot funds being made available through the 2016 Omnibus Bill. $30M is available for mine reclamation projects throughout the Commonwealth.



EWC assisted PA Department of Environmental Protection and other project partners with obtaining $600,000 of matching funds for a $25M mine reclamation project. This project will address a legacy coal refuse pile that contains 3.2M tons of refuse material. When completed the project will result in Ehrenfeld having 45% more developable land. The project addresses economic development, water quality, and health and safety.


Saxton Fire Company LED Lighting:

EWC assisted Company 35 with obtaining grant funds to offset the installation of LED lights within their station. This project is part of an initiative to green their campus, and reduce operating costs. Further cost reductions were realized by utilizing energy efficency rebates.


Tussey Mtn School Student Resource Officer:

EWC assisted Saxton Borough and Tussey Mtn School District with obtaining grant funding for a student resource officer. This project will enhance student safety, and provide security that can act to defuse any violent situation before police may arrive on scene.


Saxton Borough Equipment Upgrades:

EWC assisted Saxton Borough with fund procurement for two police cruisers, a utility truck with plow, boom lift, and portable radios. These purchases will help improve community services. Subsequent funding was procured for new police equipment, reporting software, and a gun safe.


Red Light Project:

EWC assisted Saxton Borough with fund procurement for an infrared detection system for their Main St. redlight. This project addressed deteriorating and malfunctioning of the loop sensor system that was previously installed.


Marklesburg Innovative Stormwater Management:

EWC procured more than $220,000 to install pervious pavement, a 10,000 gallon cistern, and a cul de sac. This project was developed in response to a need for a helo pad and fire suppression. Instead of visioning and selling this as a public safety project, it was developed as a stormwater project. Simply by changing the project's intent, EWC was able to procure project funding. This project supported safety concerns as Marklesburg Borough does not have a hydrant system.


Six Mile Run Volunteer Fire Department Station Construction Grant:

EWC procured $2.2M in ARRA funds will assist the department in constructing a safer, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) facility. This project created local jobs, enhance fire operations, and provided provisions for 24 hour staffing.


Six Mile Run Volunteer Fire Department Stormwater Management Project:

EWC procured ARRA funding to implement a rain capture project at the station. Stormwater run-off will be collected in a cistern and used for emergency water source, apparatus and gear washing, and to reduce demand on the municipal water supply.


Everett Hardwoods Business Park:

EWC procured Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funds to assess contamination on this Brownfields Site. Hazardous liquids were identified and professionally removed. Site grounds were tested, and no contamination was found. Blighted buildings were razed, and a stormwater and redevelopment plan are underway.


Everett Hardwoods Business Park:

EWC procured ARRA dollars for an onsite stormwater project. This project aims to reduce facility basement flooding, improve site stormwater management, and improve water quality via a bioswale.


Downtown Bedford Wireless:

EWC was successful at procuring funds that assisted Bedford, PA in implementing a free wireless system. The project includes video cameras that will benefit the county tourism bureau and downtown businesses promote the business district (not yet installed).


Waterside Woolen Mill:

EWC worked with owner Denny Wile to developed the funding package, and is exploring options such as National Historic Registry listing.

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