There is no shame in admitting you'd rather take a multiple choice test than an essay test or that you hated writing that term-paper. Fortunately for you, we write every day, and we like it. From content development to technical writing we'll work with you.



The heart of our business is grant writing. We pride ourselves on tapping into a diverse pool of grant funding. We've helped businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, and farmers to access grant funding. Most recently, Earth Wise worked to submit a $2.25M grant for water quality improvement and recreational development. Earth Wise also provides grant management services such as procurement, reporting, and funding diversification plans for our clients.



Earth Wise Consulting has provided technical writing support for mine reclamation via OSMRE's RECLAIM ACT. Earth Wise drafted a white paper outlining the job creation potential of reclamation. This paper was entered into the legislative record and was used during house testimony. RECLAIM has resulted in more than $125M additional federal dollars for reclamation efforts.


Most recently EWC provided comments to Susquehanna River Basin Commission's Lesser Quality Waters Draft Guideance. To view the comments click here.


EWC is also drafting comments to Pennsylvania's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative's (RGGI) draft policy. This policy would generate $300M in state revenues in year one and provide more than $200,000 in subsequent years.



Earth Wise Consulting has developed numerous white papers ranging from an overview of nonprofit performance to an overview of large-scale project initiatives. Most recently, Earth Wise drafted a white paper outlining Foundation for Pennsylvania Watershed's Little Conemaugh Initiative. This paper discussed projects completed, the basis for future projects, and the overall benefit of project implementation.


Funding a project often starts with articulating a vision, creating a pitch or merely a factsheet. The Little Conemaugh Concept Paper helped jumpstart a $21M investment. Click here to view the document.



When the OSMRE Watershed Cooperative Assistance Program (WCAP) funding stopped flowing into Pennsylvania, Earth Wise was contracted to research the issue and develop a report. The report was submitted to the Acting OSMRE Secretary and to ranking members of Congress. After nearly a year-long delay in funding appropriation, thanks to Earth Wise Consulting funds were made available approximately 45 days after the report was presented.


"AML Reclamation and Offsite Jobs" report was added to the Congressional record as part of RECLAIM and AML Reauthorization hearings.



Earth Wise Consulting provides content development for numerous clients. From brochures to public reports to webpages to customer letters, we're happy to take on a writing job for you!




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